Dan Merino

CTO and Co-Founder @ TrueVation

Started, managed and developed many large-scale systems in telecommunications, healthcare and enterprise.

  • Dan Merino
  • Mobile, Cloud and Web
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • M.Sc. University of Saskatchewan
  • www.truevation.com


  • TrueVation2015 - present

    Title: CTO - Co-Founder
    Web: www.truevation.com

    At TrueVation, we electronically gather key clinical information from patients. We help healthcare providers efficiently collect, summarize and document condition specific information prior to the visit. My role is to oversee all technical operations.

  • VendAsta2014 - 2015

    Title: Software Developer
    Web: www.vendasta.com

    Provide technological leadership at DevOps, API design and implementation, build tools to facilitate development, automating operations of Elasticsearch and InfluxDB, containerization of applications.

  • CollegeMobile2013 - 2013

    Title: Software Engineer
    Web: www.collegemobile.com

    Provide technical guidance in practices related to scrum such as automated testing, code reviews and process management. Develop apps for entrepreneurs and enterprise for iOS and Android. Architect cloud web services to transform, augment, secure and scale data for mobile devices. Prototype/Spike research and development projects.

  • VendAsta2012 - 2013

    Title: Software Developer
    Web: www.vendasta.com

    Develop and maintain software as a service applications for online reputation management. Integration and data analytics to provide full automation in the following services: Visibility Reporting - verifies the accuracy of the data in online business listings. Online Reviews monitors ratings and reviews from sites like Yelp and Citysearch. Mentions Analysis - compiles mentions from unstructured sources including news sites, blogs, and social networks, and highlights the most positive and negative mentions using automated sentiment analysis. Competitive Analysis - reveals how often a business is mentioned online compared to its key competitors. Social Mentions - tracks audience growth on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare.

  • PushPort2010 - 2012

    Title: CEO

    Develop integrations for online services to different platforms. Combine online services to augment user experience. Integrate mobile devices, tablets, and IPTV.

  • Saskatoon Health Region2008 - 2010

    Title: Software Analyst
    Web: http://www.saskatoonhealthregion.ca

    Develop and maintain ASP.NET applications to support the operations of 12,000 employees. Two primary applications were developed. The first application is a collaborative workflow application to enter thousands of dollars worth of travel claims from employees, lookup and verify information in real time and enforce signing autority from the workflow of users. The second application is a domain specific class registration application for health care providers ensuring all of their credentials are valid.


  • Resilient service ecologies for IPTV: Using RESTful services to enable resilienceJune 3, 2011

    Dan Merino and Ralph Deters - Digital Ecosystems and Technologies Conference (DEST)

    Delivering TV services via internet protocols over high-speed connections is commonly referred to as IPTV (internet protocol television). Similar to the app-stores of smartphones, IPTV platforms enable the emergence of IPTV service ecologies in which 3rd party developers provide services to consumer that add value to the IPTV experience


  • Introduction to MicroservicesDecember 08, 2015

    We go over the benefits and pitfalls of using microservices. Also ways to mitigate pitfalls with automation.
  • Short-Lived on Demand Workflows with DockerMay 20, 2015

    Docker makes it possible to build specialized containers which then can be used in workflows to process data very effectibly. Docker can provide reliability, ephimeral processes, isolation and we can use different domain specific languages under each container for effectiveness.
  • Hypervisors for Mobile Medical ApplicationsOctober 15, 2014

    Medical applications can save lives. We will go over an example application that monitors diabetic patients. In case of emergency it WILL call for help.
  • Swift - Building iOS appsSeptember 03, 2014

    Swift is a language created by Apple to build iOS applications. We will over the basics and functional aspects that make the language very powerful.
  • Elixir LangDecember 03, 2013

    Syntax, advantages and disadvantages! We go over supervisors, distributed applications and important features built into elixir that make it an excellent language.
  • Building scrapers with scrappyJuly 03, 2013

    Scrappy is a python framework that is highly customizable and is excellent for building scrapers fast.
  • Load-Testing Cloud Applications February 03, 2013

    Generating load from one cloud to test the scalability of your application. We go over bottlenecks in instance startup time, load balancing and databases. We also cover common ways to mitigate scaling problems.
  • Barcamp Saskatoon November 03, 2012

    TDD (Test-driven development) is a becoming a very common practise in application development. BDD (Behavior-driven development) is a practise to ensure that the end product meets specific functional requirments. Funtional requirements are extremely important architecting and developing web APIs since they require a significant ammout of effort to maintain and build... what about using TDD and BDD to design and test the functional requirements of your API? You can see the magic happen here.

    Registration: https://www.picatic.com/barcamp2012

  • MOSO HTML5 Coding CampJune 13, 2012

    "The code camp will start off with a presentation that goes over the basic principles of coding with the HTML5 platform. After the presentation, you will be able to begin building on your own with support from HTML5 proctors who will answer any questions that you may have. We will also have mini-lessons in regular intervals throughout the afternoon to help you learn some of the deeper concepts of HTML5 development. The camps is aimed at mid level to advanced developers that know how to use javascript."

    Registration: https://www.picatic.com/moso-coding-camp

  • HTML5 Hybrid Mobile Applications - ReginaFebruary 9, 2012

    During this workshop you will build hybrid applications that behave similarly to native application and are cross-platform. We will also look into tools that allow us to standardize our codebase, tap into internal storage, and do animations with ease.

    Registration: http://northsask.ieee.ca/events.html

  • HTML5 Hybrid Mobile Applications - SaskatoonDecember 16, 2011

    During this workshop you will build hybrid applications that behave similarly to native application and are cross-platform. We will also look into tools that allow us to standardize our codebase, tap into internal storage, and do animations with ease.

    Registration: http://northsask.ieee.ca/events.html

  • Microsoft AzureDecember 10, 2010

    Introduction to Microsoft Azure. Create a project, features, compute engine, storage, best practices, examples and deployments.
  • Microsoft MediaroomOctover 12, 2010

    Introduction to Microsoft Mediaroom. Building N-Screen applications for telecommunications providers.


  • M.Sc. - Computer Science2010 - 2012

    University of Saskatchewan
  • B.Sc. - Computer Science2006 - 2010

    University of Saskatchewan

    Entrepreneurship Minor

  • General Associates - Mathematics2004 - 2006

    Lansing Community College


  • Elixir

  • C#

  • JavaScript

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • Java

  • Swift


  • App Engine/Google

  • Heroku

  • Softlayer

  • Microft Azure


  • Android

  • iOS

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